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Serenol is uniquely formulated to relieve the emotional and physical symptoms of PMS, particularly irritability, mood changes and uneasiness. Clinical studies have shown that the ingredients in Serenol are as safe as a sugar pill. More than 2,500 healthcare professionals in the U.S. have recommended Serenol to their patients.

  • Hassle-free, automatic refills. Every 30 days (or at your selected frequency) you will receive your Serenol shipment containing your selected quantity of boxes (60 tablets per box) with free shipping. You will continue to be charged with each shipment.

    You can cancel at any time. To avoid your next charge, please cancel at least 5 business days before your next processing date. To cancel, you may log into your account at, contact our customer support center at 1-800-SERENOL (1-800-737-3665) or email with your name, account number, and request to cancel.



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